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  • About us

    Africa Internet Group (“AIG”) is a clear ongoing success story and the leading Internet Group in Africa. Founded in 2012, it is currently operating in 23 countries.
    So far, AIG has created 71 companies in different verticals: online retail, online marketplace, food ordering, car classifieds, real estate classifieds, taxi hailing, online travel booking and P2P lending.

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  • Our Companies

    We have a huge passion for Africa, entrepreneurship and the Internet. That‘s why the AIG is bringing together every key element required to create great online companies in Africa: team, business model, technology, functional excellence and funding. We are already operating over half a dozen very successful online ventures across Africa and many more coming soon.

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  • We are hiring

    At Africa Internet Group, we are always looking for highly motivated, triple A talent in business development, technology, online marketing and business intelligence, to embark on an exciting journey and help build our newest, highly promising online ventures all around the region. If you want to be part of the online revolution in Africa, just contact us.

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Jeremy Doutte

Managing Director,
Jumia Nigeria

I love it I joined Jumia in June 2012. When I first arrived in my office in Morocco, I found 3 tables sitting in a 400 sqm open-space filled with 5 people. In 3 months, we added to this team 70 highly-motivated individuals. I then flew to Egypt to assess the market potential, supposedly for one week ... I have lived in Cairo for 9 months ...And I'm now the Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria
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